Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Test Server Craziness

Me and NinjaStar went over to Test server last night to try a few different character builds. We went to top drake to PvP each other and found that there were a bunch of random bosses up all over Dragon Valley. Test server doesn't matter for drops and such because it isn't a real server, but I had a ton of fun running around on all our random characters and killing bosses. I am not going to take any time to edit Test server screen shots, but here are a few of the bosses and drops.

Most of the bosses were giving us 2-3 full screens of much better than live where you are lucky to get a few lines haha. We found other bosses too, but after a while I was tired of taking screens of all of them. I think my favorite was a Knight Vald that dropped us 3 81f charms haha.

Lets go have this fun on live~!

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