Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magic Doll Quest~

Starting today I will start writing guides on the little things that I know, mostly to help out new players. The first guide that I will write about is how to make a magic doll and where to gather the ingredients for the quest.

You do not need to talk to any NPC in order to start the quest so you can just start gathering the required materials. The materials needed to get a doll bag are (four things):
- Spices of the Castle Chef.
- Rare Turtle.
- Skeleton Grail.
- Seal of Victory.

Once you have all four materials, speak with Arka located in Gludio.

He will give you a Magic Bag of Arka, which will give you a random doll once you open it. I will explain the effects of each doll in a bit. For now I will explain how to gather the four materials (Spice, Turtle, Grail, and Seal) needed to get a doll bag.

First I will explain how to make the Spice:
In order to make the Spice, you need to make one fantasy dish of each level 1 food (eight level 1 food in total). You can buy a cookbook from the Chef located to the left of Arka in Gludio. Once you have the cookbook you can start gathering the ingredients for each level 1 dish. Also, you need to buy firewood (can be purchased from most pot shops) in order to start a bonfire to cook. When you have the ingredients, stand around the bonfire and double-click on the icon in the cookbook corresponding to the dish that you wish to cook. You might need to cook a dish many times before you get a fantasy dish. The eight dishes are -
- Monster Eye Steak of Fantasy: requires Floating Eye Meat (buy FE Meat from Oren shop).
- Roasted Bear Meat of Fantasy: requires Bear Meat (hunt Bears/Dire Bears for the meat, Bears around Oren Wasteland and on Pirate Island, Dire Bears around Resistance Village).
- Seed Stuffed Pancake of Fantasy: requires Sunflower Seed and Honey (hunt Yetis around Oren for the seed, buy Honey from NPC "Lakuki" located in Gludio above Arka).
- Roasted Ant Legs with Cheese of Fantasy: requires Ant Leg and Cheese (hunt Ants/Giant Ants for the leg, buy Cheese from NPC "Lakuki").
- Fruit Salad of Fantasy: requires Banana, Orange, and Apple (buy them from NPC "Lakuki").
- Sweet and Sour Fruit of Fantasy: requires Meat, Carrot, and Lemon (buy them from NPC "Lakuki").
- Roasted Boar on Skewers of Fantasy: requires Boar Meat (hunt Boars on Pirate Island).
- Mushroom Soup of Fantasy - requires Fungus Juice and Carrot (hunt Fungus on Dream Island for juice, buy carrot from NPC "Lakuki").
Once you have all eight fantasy dishes, go speak with the Chef in Aden and trade for the Spice.

Next, you will need to fish for a Rare Turtle:
Go to the Fishing Child in Gludio and rent a Fishing Pole (short or long does not matter).

Once you are inside the fishing pond, speak with the Fishing Old Man at the top of the pond and buy some Bait.

Once you have a Fishing Pole and some Bait, you can start fishing. Stand at the edge of the pond and double-click on the Fishing Pole, then click on the pond. Wait until your Bait moves and click anywhere on the screen to lure in your catch. Repeat the process until you catch a Rare Turtle.

Next, you need to compete in races for the Skeleton Grail:
Speak with the NPCs in Gludio (Duo for Haunted House, Dufo for Pet Racing) to compete in their races. The rewards for both races are the same (Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pumpkins of the Brave Man) depending on how many participants there are and where you place in the race. The pumpkins usually give consumables with a rare chance for the Skeleton Grail (gold having the highest chance for the Grail).

The last material that you need for the doll bag is the Seal of Victory:
There are two ways to obtain a Seal - pet matches and death matches.
- In pet matches, you need to win 150 gold medals for a Surprise Box, which has a chance to give Seal of Victory. Pet matches are located to the right of Arka in Gludio and you will need to fight other players for the medals, not the NPC pets. Winners of each match get 3 gold medals and losers get 1 gold medal. So you will need to compete in at least 50 matches, or at most 150 matches, for a Surprise Box.
- In death matches, you need to team up with other people and finish off the bosses inside for Hero Marks, which you need 500 of before you can trade in for Seal of Victory. Most towns have a death match that require certain levels to participate.
I prefer participating in death matches because you are guaranteed a Seal of Victory once you obtain 500 Hero Marks, unlike pet matches where the prize is random from a Surprise Box.

Now I will talk about the effects of the dolls (we currently have 8 dolls that you can get from the Magic Bag of Arka):
Magic Doll: Bugbear - Reduces Weight by 10% (I think in a later update it will reduce weight by 20%).

Magic Doll: Werewolf/Crustacean - 3% Chance for +15 Damage (Melee Only).

Magic Doll: Succubus/Elder - Regenerates 15 MP every 64 seconds.

Magic Doll: Stone Golem - 4% Chance to Absorb 15 Damage.

Magic Doll: Yeti - Freeze Resistance +5 and AC -1.

Magic Doll: Cockatrice - Ranged Accuracy +1 and Ranged Damage +1.

Every doll requires 50 crystals to summon and lasts 1800 seconds. Crystals can be obtained by dissolving items with solvents (bought from pot shops).

I hope you found this doll guide helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message under the post. Next time I will write a guide regarding both sides of karma. Until then, have fun in game and good luck! :)


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