Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Knight - Level 15 Quest

Public test server was recently updated with Season 3 which included two new classes. After having completed the quests for both classes, I decided to write guides for them. I will start with the Dragon Knight's Level 15 Quest and end with the Illusionist's Level 50 Quest.

To start Dragon Knight's Level 15 Quest, speak with Prochel in Behimous.

He will give you the First Order of Prochel and asks you to investigate the Orcs in three different areas (Orc Forest, Forest north of Gludin's cemetery, and Forest west of Windawood town).

Go to those places and look for the Orc Emissary. He will be guarded by two guards but DO NOT hit the guards or they will all disappear. Kill the Orc Emissary from all three places and collect their documents.

After collecting all three documents, return to Prochel in Behimous and he will reward you with Two-handed Sword of Dragon Knight and Dragon Tablet (Dragon Skin).

Dragon Knight Level 15 Quest completed!

- Two-handed Sword of Dragon Knight (19/17, Two Handed Weapon, safe to 6, +4 Hit Bonus, +2 Damage Bonus, Made of Iron, Weight 80, Dragon Knight only).
- Dragon Skin (15 HP) - Self-cast spell. Absorbs 2 damage per hit. Duration 1,200 seconds.

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