Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stunned in the Face!

Thanks to the +10 Stun Resistance of the KGR this week I have decided to publish the long awaited 'Stunned in the Face' today. I probably wont do much stunning this next week, but please be on the lookout for future segments of stun in the face. After KGR changes again you are all fair game^^.
I would like to thank everyone that I stunned in this segment. Most of you were good sports and thought it was funny. Other people were not as excited as I stunned you and then radom teleported away haha.

"Stun son. Done son." -GMNyx

See you later~!


  1. The screen shot of LeChat wasn't that clear... you should try again. Also, we need to spice up this blog with more Vorpal pics!

  2. Yeah, I will keep working on it. It is a start though..

  3. Maybe try to time it when LeChat is tanking Baranka. :P

  4. LOl this is funny stuff