Saturday, July 31, 2010

Illusionist - Level 15 Quest

I hope someone found the Dragon Knight guides helpful. I will finish off with the Illusionist quest guides.

Please refer to this video for visual help: Illusionist - Level 15 Quest.

To start Illusionist's Level 15 Quest, speak with Sleyin in Silveria.

She will give you Sleyin's First Letter and Teleport Scroll: Elven Forest.

Use the Teleport Scroll to teleport to the Elven Forest and head inside the Elven Dungeon. On the first floor, kill the Contaminated Orcs for Contaminated Breath of Orcs (collect 10). Then head to the second floor and kill Contaminated Ents for Root, Bark, and Fruit of Contaminated Ent (collect one of each). Lastly, kill the Contaminated Fairies for Contaminated Nucleus of Spirit (collect one).

Once you have gathered the required materials, return to Sleyin in Silveria. She will reward you with Combat Wand of Illusionist and Memory Crystal (Cube: Ignition).

Illusionist Level 15 Quest completed!

- Combat Wand of Illusionist (10/10, safe to 6, +3 Hit Bonus, +5 MP regen, Made of Wood, Weight 15, Illusionist only).
- Cube: Ignition (30 MP, 1 Elemental Stone) - Increases allies Fire Resistance by 30% for eight seconds and does Flame Damage to foes every four seconds. Duration 20 seconds.

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  1. awesome, wouldn't had been able to do it without it to be honest (new player) ;)