Thursday, March 31, 2011


I haven't updated in a few days. I am sorry to any avid readers of this blog that have not been able to see anything new from me haha. I just haven't had anything happen in-game that is currently worth posting.

If you follow this blog, then chances are you follow some of the other blogs and therefore know about the drama and fights that PurpleHaze have been involved in over the last little bit. The good news is that this is now worked out. PurpleHaze is at peace and back to being fully neutral...other than fighting AO, which doesn't really count since they hit most pledges in game and cannot be reasoned with.

The event is taking place now and a lot of people are grinding hard including myself. I will be spending most of my gaming time on grinding, so I will not post much until the event is over. I will post something on Saturday night or Sunday with a siege update and any other screens I might have gotten along the way. I think the siege this Saturday will be a lot of fun, and I hope I am able to make it.

From what I understand, GrimEndNzelBest will still be sieging us, but everything is left on the siege field....and maybe a few minutes after siege as well^^. I like this better personally. We get to have fun and a challenge on Saturday, and the rest of the week we can all be friendly and maybe even hunt together with a great group of players. I also wanted to do a once a week update with siege that would possibly include a collage of ends from each weeks siege. Omen how would you feel about this? Any GrimEnd that read this blog how would you feel? I know a few people on both sides always enjoy seeing siege screens, but I haven't ever posted many because they have ends in them. HYPNOTIC once told me he would like to see some with more ends from siege, even if they are of him lol. Any of this still hold true? I do not want to turn my posts into end only or have people offended by the blog...but at the same time the blog is about our adventures in Lineage, and sieging has become a big part of the week. Omen/PD?

I hope everyone is enjoying the event and fun teleports~!


  1. First off, Neighbor, I would like to say I really enjoy your contributions to our blog. You have made our adventures more interesting to say the least.^^ You have been a great author so I would welcome anything that you decide to post in the future. I never posted end-shots because it is not my thing. However, you are free to post with your own style (see Lechat) and add a different mix to our blog.^^ Good luck at siege!

  2. Thanks Omen^^. I have enjoyed being a part of this blog haha. At the same time I always realized I am not the creator or admin of the blog, and therefore never wanted to over step my bounds without at least asking first. Let the creativity and styling of Neighbor begin!

  3. Am with Omen on this - it's not my style but that's just a personal thing. Get bored of blogs with just end pics.

    Video is a nice idea if possible. Wouldn't mind that since it doesn't focus on end shots alone - and helps me see the actual siege realtime instead of the usual blur on hyper lag mode.

  4. Yeah, I agree with you Moonfang. I do not enjoy blogs that only showcase ends and fights. At the same time, sieges and pvp have become a larger part of my Lineage gameplay, and I felt it could be fun to post a little of it, even if it is just a weekly siege update.

    I still have not decided how or even if I will post ends, but I wanted to throw the idea out and let people get their opinions stated. Up to this point I never posted any of them because I wanted to respect the Admins of the NoobsRUs blog. If I do decide to post any of the fights I will try my best to do it with class. I hate trash talk and the screens would be nothing personal towards anyone. I have stated many times before, but I have many friends in GrimEnd. The fact that we were fighting was not a personal attack against them and I never took anyone hitting me as a personal attack. The game is meant to be fun, and I hope people enjoyed the fights while they lasted, and now hope we can enjoy the peace.

    The idea of video does intrigue me. Does anyone know a free or cheap program that is able to capture Lineage footage? Also, is there a free program that has some video editing capabilities? It wouldn't need to be fancy, but adding some music or a title screen would be nice. Smooth transitions would not hurt either haha. Let me know and I will look into could be fun if I am able to figure it out.