Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Knight - Level 45 Quest

To start Dragon Knight's Level 45 Quest, speak with Prochel in Behimous. (You must have completed Dragon Knight's Level 15 and Level 30 Quests.)

He will give you the Third Order of Prochel, Tower Portal Teleport Scroll, and Prochel's Letter. He asks you to head to Silveria and speak with the leader, Sleyin.

Use the Tower Portal Teleport Scroll to teleport to the entrance of Silveria. Head inside and speak with Sleyin. She will give you Sleyin's Order.

The order asks for 10 Breaths of Etty.

Go to Oren and hunt Yetis for the Breaths.

Return to Sleyin in Silveria with the 10 Breaths and she will give you the Sign of Alliance.

Head back to Prochel in Behimous with the Sign of Alliance in hand. He will give you Prochel's Second Note. Take the Second Note to Talion and he will reward you with the Cloak of Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight Level 45 Quest completed!

- Cloak of Dragon Knight (-1ac, safe to 6, +30 HP, +1 HP regen, Made of Leather, Weight 18, Dragon Knight only).

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