Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recent War

As many people already know, PurpleHaze and GrimEndNzelBest were recently at war with each other. I decided I wanted to try and post some end screens from the war, and maybe future sieges as well. The main reason for this is that the sieges and PvP have become a bigger part of Lineage for me and I wanted to share that adventure with the people that visit this blog.

I will not become an 'end shot only' poster. Screen shots from fights and sieges will be a small minority of my total posts, but I would still like to include them. The majority of my posts will still feature bosses, leveling, and anything else I can think of that readers might enjoy (any ideas and comments for things people like is welcome^^). If things start getting out of hand I will not hesitate to remove any of these posts and go back to having absolutely no fighting in my updates.

These screen shots are nothing personal against anyone that happens to be in them. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the game and enjoy my posts.

I am also looking into doing videos of fights and sieges as well. A friend pointed out that it might be easier with video because it doesn't focus purely on the end shots. If you know much about video capturing for videogames please leave a comment with advice or tips or software that is good for doing this. Thanks.

Keep it classy, keep it clean~!

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  1. Hey Nei, Here is a link for hyper cam, i ahve it in my browers and You can video stuff. Not sure what eric used but i will ask him. This is free though called hyper cam. here is the link. I can get on vent and walk u through how to adjust it to fit ur screen.