Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes boring...

Fridays are tough for me to update because I work all day and then have a late class afterwards, so don't expect Fridays to have updates lol. Although you never know what might happen. This is all from playing last night, but as you will soon find out nothing cool happened o.o

I collected a few more crates. Luckily these are just an added bonus to normal hunting, otherwise I would probably be upset with how poorly they drop haha.
Decided to go gamble some gems. I didn't get anything super cool like Ogre Blood or Dragon Scales, but still wasn't bad. I obtained a decent amount of metals which is always nice.
Stun in the Face!
I was pretty tired last night, but I was able to arouse enough energy and excitement to stun all over samoa's face. Wait...what?

Saturday should lead to a more exciting post :)

See you there~!


  1. man i had fun reading all your stun gun posts..

  2. dino thinks you should buy us diamond rings for our wedding gift. of course in lin haha^^