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Illusionist - Level 30 Quest

Please refer to this video for visual help: Illusionist - Level 30 Quest.

To start Illusionist's Level 30 Quest, speak with Sleyin in Silveria. (You must have completed Illusionist's Level 15 Quest.)

She will give you Sleyin's Second Letter and Sleyin's Pouch and asks you to investigate the Zombie Elmores around Oren. Inside the Pouch are two items - Teleport Scroll: Oren Town and Rusted Flute.

Use the Teleport Scroll to arrive in Oren. Head toward the wasteland and look for the Elmore Zombie Commander.

Defeat him for the Breath of Elmore Zombie Commander.

Now head over to Gludin's Cemetery (located northwest of Gludin Town). Stop by the flower girl near the northwest Gludin exit and buy a Chrysanthemum Bouquet and a Calla Lily Bouquet. Click on the Altar in the center of the Cemetery and trade the Breath and Chrysanthemum for Ken Rauhel's Baton and Soul Stone of Elmore Commander Solsheica.

Double-click on the Soul Stone and use it on the Rusted Flute.

The Flute will turn into the Vengeful Spirit Calling Flute. Equip Ken Rauhel's Baton and use the Calling Flute. You will turn into Ken Rauhel and the Vengeful Spirit of Commander of Elmore Solsheica will appear.

Kill him for the Sealed Article of Solsheica.

Next click on the Altar again and trade the Sealed Article and the Calla Lily Bouquet to receive the Elmore Squad Report.

Return to Sleyin in Silvera with the Elmore Squad Report in hand. She will reward you with Spellbook of Illusionist and Memory Crystal (Cube: Shock).

Illusionist Level 30 Quest completed!

- Spellbook of Illusionist (-2ac, safe to 6, +20 HP, +20 MP, +1 WIS, Made of Paper, Weight 30, Illusionist only).
- Cube: Shock (55 MP, 1 Elemental Stone) - Increases allies Wind Resistance by 30% for eight seconds and uses magic every four seconds to reduce enemy Magic Resistance by 25%. Duration 20 seconds.

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