Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pirate Island Drake Quest

I wrote several guides for the Game Guide Contest awhile back, however, NCA still has not posted any of them to its website. So I have decided to copy and paste here one of guides that I wrote for the contest. The Pirate Island Drake Quest is nothing new. I merely added a few pictures and videos to give players some visual guidance. If I missed something in the guide or if anyone would like to give some comments or suggestions, feel free to add a comment below.

Pirate Island can only be reached by taking the boat. Go to Orc Town and speak with the NPC ‘Duvall’ near the south exit. He will send you to a Hidden Dock where you can purchase a boat ticket and take the boat to Pirate Island. (Please refer to this video for visual help: Pirate Island Boat)

In order to start the Pirate Island Drake Quest, you must first collect three Pieces of Treasure Map to make the Completed Treasure Map, which will act as a key into Drake’s room.

First Piece of Treasure Map – Doyle’s Dog (Requires Level 18+)

Speak with Doyle and ask him about his dog, Ratsyu. Doyle will ask you to find out why his dog is acting strange lately. Hunt Blue Lizards on Pirate Island for Blue Lizard’s Tail. Return to Doyle with the Tail and he will reward you with a Piece of Treasure Map.

- Blue Lizard’s Tail

- Piece of Treasure Map

Second Piece of Treasure Map – Rudian’s Friend (Requires Level 18+)

Speak with Rudian and he will ask you to seek revenge for his friend. You will be given a Silver Flute that can call up skeletons.

Look for the star platform in the forest and stand in the center of it. Play the Flute and a Skeletal Pirate Captain will appear. Kill it to receive Friend’s Bag. Return to Rudian with the Bag and he will reward you with another Piece of Treasure Map.

- Silver Flute

- Friend’s Bag

- Piece of Treasure Map

*Required Side Quest before continuing with the Third Piece of Treasure Map.*

Side Quest – Simizz’s Son (Requires Level 18+)

Speak with Simizz and ask her about her son. Simizz will tell you that her son has been missing for over a year now and she wishes to see him one last time. You will need to hunt for three things – Letter of Son, Remains of Son, and Portrait of Son. Kill Blue Lizards for the Letter of Son, High Lizardmen on 1f of Pirate Island Dungeon for the Remains of Son, and Skeletal Pirate Captains on 3f of Pirate Island Dungeon for the Portrait of Son. After you have gathered all three items, return to Simizz and she will reward you with a Blue Pirate Bandanna.

- Letter of Son

- Remains of Son

- Portrait of Son

- Blue Pirate Bandanna

Third Piece of Treasure Map – Resta’s Love (Requires Level 18+)

Put on the Blue Pirate Bandanna before speaking with Resta, otherwise you will not get the dialogue to start the next part of the quest. Resta will tell you about the love of his life, however, he does not have the courage to tell her his feelings. Hunt Kiwi Parrots around Pirate Island for Resta’s Ring. Return to Pirate Island town and speak with Lukein in front of the Inn.

Ask him to polish up the Ring for you. Now return to Resta with the Ring and he will tell you he still lacks confidence to tell his love how he feels. Take the Ring to Simizz and show her the Ring. Simizz will tell her side of the story. Speak with Resta once again and he will reward you with the last Piece of Treasure Map.

- Resta’s Ring

- Piece of Treasure Map

Completed Treasure Map – Cadmus’ Grandson (Requires Level 18+)

Speak with Cadmus inside the Inn and ask him to put the three Pieces of Treasure Map together. He will ask you to look for his grandson, Kamit, while he puts the Pieces together. Kamit is wandering around the island and can be found anywhere on the island. The best time to look for Kamit is during the night time because he gives off a light around him. Once you find Kamit, you must walk him back to town and return him to Cadmus inside the Inn. Kamit will give you Amulet of Cadmus once he returns to this grandfather. Speak with Cadmus once again and you will be rewarded with the Completed Treasure Map.

- Amulet of Cadmus

- Completed Treasure Map

Drake – The Boss (Requires Level 18+)

Please refer to this video for visual help: Pirate Island Drake

Now that you have the Completed Treasure Map, head down to the 3f of the Pirate Island Dungeon and look for the star platform. Stand on the platform and double-click on the Completed Treasure Map. You will be teleported inside Drake’s room to confront Drake. Make sure you are fully buffed and ready with pots. Walk toward the center of the room to find Drake. Kill him to obtain Key of Drake.

- Key of Drake

The Betrayal – Franco’s Labyrinth (Requires Level 40+)

Please refer to this video for visual help: Franco's Labyrinth

Once you have the Key of Drake, run to the back part of Pirate Island (toward the north part of the island). Find the pirate’s hideout in the back part of the island and look for a house with a crack on the floor. Run into the crack and speak with the Spirit of Kamyla. She will tell you the story regarding Diego, Drake, Jose, and herself. Kamyla asks you to find out why she was betrayed and sends you into Franco’s Labyrinth to find Franco.

Inside this labyrinth are many traps and monsters so have any poison immune items/twigs/cure poison potions ready. Starting from the beginning, hug the left wall and head north until you cannot go north anymore. Then hug the north wall and head right until you cannot go right anymore. Finally, head south until you find Franco in a chair. Speak with him and he will tell you his side of the story. After he finishes telling his story, he will give you the Labyrinth Diagram.

- Labyrinth Diagram

The Betrayal – Diego’s Locked Jail (Requires Level 40+)

Please refer to this video for visual help: Diego's Locked Jail

Return to Kamyla with the Labyrinth Diagram and tell her Franco’s story. Now she wishes to know Diego’s side of the story and sends you into Diego’s Locked Jail.

From the beginning, head northeast and north until you see a room full of colored floor tiles. Do not step on those tiles. Hug the right wall until you find a doorway opening. Go through the doorway and head down and east, then head north to find a red crystal called Crystal of Ordeal. Speak to the Crystal and it will give you four Swords of Ordeal and five Spellbooks of Ordeal. Now you must face the Spirit of Drake inside the room to the right of the Crystal. Hit Drake with each Sword until you can hit Drake with one of them then quickly use all Spellbooks of Ordeal on that Sword. You can also use your own weapons to kill the Spirit of Drake. Kill the Spirit to obtain the Second Labyrinth Key.

Go back and speak with the Crystal (remember to unequip the Sword of Ordeal and use up all the Spellbooks of Ordeal if you have not yet), and it will send you to the next part of Diego’s Locked Jail. From here head east a bit and then head south. You will find a room with another Crystal of Ordeal and some Goblins of Ordeal. The Crystal will tell you to test your luck and kill the right Goblin for a key. If you hit the wrong Goblin, all the other Goblins will disappear and you have to wait until they spawn again. Once you kill the right Goblin and obtain the Third Labyrinth Key, speak with the Crystal again.

The Crystal will send you to the final area of Diego’s Locked Jail. From here head south a bit and then west. You will see a doorway into a room where Diego is waiting. Kill him to obtain Diego’s Diary.

- Sword of Ordeal x 4

- Spellbook of Ordeal x 5

- Second Labyrinth Key

- Third Labyrinth Key

- Diego’s Diary

The Betrayal – Underground Jail of Jose (Requires Level 40+)

Return to Kamyla with Diego’s Diary. Now she asks you to look for Jose further underground. Have her send you inside and look for Jose.

I often found Jose in the area that I have pointed out in the picture, however, I believe he can spawn anywhere in the Jail. Find and kill him. Jose will drop a Crumpled Up Breaking-Up Letter. Take the Letter to Kamyla and listen to the rest of her story. She will then reward you with an item of your choosing (five items to choose from – Sword of Honor, Jet-Black Crystal Ball, Shield of Faith, Crossbow of Silence, and Edoryu of Abyss).

- Crumpled Up Breaking-Up Letter

Quest Rewards: (pick one)

- Sword of Honor (9/12, +2 Damage Bonus, safe to 6, made of iron, weight 50, Useable: Knight, Dragon Knight)

- Jet-Black Crystal Ball (1/1, +2 CHA, +1 SP, safe to 6, made of gemstone, weight 15, Useable: Wizard, Illusionist)

- Shield of Faith (-3ac, +2 CHA, +2 damage absorption, safe to 6, made of iron, weight 50, Useable: Royal)

- Crossbow of Silence (3/2, +1 Hit Bonus, +1 Damage Bonus, safe to 6, made of wood, weight 50, Useable: Elf, Illusionist)

- Edoryu of Abyss (14/10, Not damageable, safe to 6, made of metal, weight 20, Useable: Dark Elf)


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  4. Amazing guide. I can't wait to see your winner get posted on the NC site.

    Nei has a great question. Which item reward sells?

  5. Hey guys - When I last logged in, which was over two weeks ago, the prices for Faith Shield and Crystal Ball were similar (around 2-3m). The Bow, Edoryu, and Sword do not sell for much. I would say Faith Shield is better for selling because people tend to blow that. Any character can do the quest once so it is basically free money. Also, with 2x exp now you can level a newbie character, like a DE, to 45, get Shadow Boots, and then do this quest and make some good money. Then delevel, rinse, and repeat.

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  8. Stick, we all know that you are going to have to level up a bunch and gear up before you can solo this haha. Luckily it is fast now. You could heal/buff me and get crazy exp just from that. Or do the same but hunting with Dino (this would work better since your both the same level).