Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We don't need titles where we're going!

A daily post? You mad DH o.o? haha.
Lets see if I can pull it off as well as him, and keep the consistency that he does...

I have been spending some more time down on Kent 4f. With a good team of two you can pull some nice experience and make some adena too. It is nice hunting there with a water elf because you stay healed and they add a lot to killing speed. Kyo, you are the best!
Being down on 4f allows me to get some Aaarrrggg... action at least once a day if not more. I still love the way this boss looks hah. Notice that Aaarrrggg... has officially been Stunned in the Face!
Spent some time opening chests and bags from hunting 4f. Not a bad pull of adena here, although I got lucky getting the Kent Emblem Armor. It was the first Amor I have gotten down there so far, but I will take 100k any day!

See you after the reset~!

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