Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Knight - Level 30 Quest

To start Dragon Knight's Level 30 Quest, speak with Prochel in Behimous. (You must have completed Dragon Knight's Level 15 Quest.)

He will give you the Second Order of Prochel and Prochel's Mineral Pouch and asks you to look for the Orc Emissary Leader.

However, in order for the Orc Emissary Leader to speak with you, you will need to get two things first - Orc Emissary's Scroll of Polymorph and Evidence of Orc Emissary.

Speak with Elas right outside Prochel's room and receive the Polymorph scroll. Then speak with Blacksmith Pual and trade with him Prochel's Mineral Pouch for the Evidence.

Once you have gathered the Polymorph scroll and the Evidence, head to Heine Dungeon and onto the third floor. Look for the Orc Emissary walking around the floor. When you see him, quickly use the Polymorph scroll and talk to him. He will gve you the Flute of Orc Emissary. Play the Flute and it will summon the Orc Emissary Leader. Kill him to obtain the Official Note of Orc Emissary Leader.

Take the Official Note of Orc Emissary Leader back to Prochel in Behimous and he will give you First Note of Prochel and Dragon Tablet (Blood Lust). Go speak with Talion with the First Note in hand and he will reward you with the Dragon Scale Guarder.

Dragon Knight Level 30 Quest completed!

- Dragon Scale Guarder (+1 Bow Hit Bonus, +1 Hit Bonus, +1 Bow Damage Bonus, +1 Damage Bonus, Made of Bone, Weight 30, Dragon Knight only).
- Blood Lust (30 HP) - Self-cast spell. Increases Dragon Knight's attack speed. Duration 60 seconds.

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