Monday, March 14, 2011

Boss, Ends, and Levels...Oh my!

It is always nice to find the castle boss up. So many people tend to hunt on 4f that it isn't always easy to find him. 100k from the Kent Armor and a Bzel isn't too bad.
I ran IQ for the first time in a very long time. I used to run IQ almost daily, but recently I just hunt for experience I guess. Mainly it was just a fun hunt with LeChat and Samoa, but darkness is not too bad of a drop from her.
I like getting Ice Queen Earring because it means I get to try and enchant them. I have pretty strict rules on my enchanting so that I don't blow millions in one sitting though. Anytime I have an accessory to enchant I allow myself to buy one accessory enchant scroll per night. The item either blows or goes +1 above its current enchant. If it goes +1 then I save it for the next night when I allow myself to buy another enchant scroll. I will let you know how this progresses lol.
STRENGTH was kind enough to call us to Giran Deathmatch tonight. We finished the match with plenty of time to have some no-risk PvP fun, but no one stayed to play with us. So me and NuttyBoi turned on STRENGTH. I guess I'm not very nice. Sorry STR.
I leveled this morning also! Thanks to NuttyBoi for lots of heals this morning before he took off. It saved me lots of potions, and also helped me level faster with his killing speed.

Have a good Monday~!