Saturday, March 26, 2011

Level Up, Buttercup Baby~!

I was able to level up a few days ago. We also have an event that starts on Wednesday's reset which will give exp food and pies. I am looking forward to this, and hopefully will find tiem between school and work to lvl lvl lvl.
One of the pledgemates was hunting on 30f and found Vampire while he was up there. I ran up to help him, but it didn't drop anything great. It was fun though. There were tons of mops that he had dragged with it by the time I got up there haha...took a while to clear everything to get Vamp alone.
I have been focusing more on leveling than Stunning in the Face, but here are a few random ones that I have gathered over the last week. Who is that noob in the lower left? QQ.

Event Soon~!

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