Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gambling night! GShock! Lame bosses! What a Friday! So many exclamation marks in one title!

I hate when bosses drop nothing...
Where is my Bcomr and 10k?
I like when I get to find this one solo, but he hasn't paid big yet. It is just a matter of time though, and it will be worth it!
GShock told me he doesn't read blogs. Not reading blogs only gets you one thing...
Stunned in the Face!

We had a pledge gambling night in the castle last night, but I was tired and forgot to take pictures. It was possibly the greatest game ever though. Here is how we played:

1. Get a group of people wanting to gamble into one party.

2. One party member gets to be the 'bank/house'

3. One person gambles at a time. When it is your turn to gamble you put your betting amount on the floor and say either 'odd' or 'even'. 'Odd/Even' refers to the amount of adena you think a monster is going to drop.

4. The 'bank/house' then uses a pine wand to summon a monster. The person that is betting on odd or even then kills the monster. If the gambling person guesses odd or even correctly they pick their own money back up, and get paid that amount from the 'bank/house'. If the betting person loses, then the 'house/bank' gets to keep the money. If the monster drops no adena, then the house wins.

It is a pretty fun game, and very easy to win or lose money quickly. After a while we had to set a betting limit because people were winning and losing 1million adena bets lol. I personally went up 650k in about 5minutes and then quit while I was up and started hunting experience LOL.

Today is Siege Saturday~!

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  1. For the Record.I did not come up with this game. GSKV is the sole owner of it. Tony is anyway. Me and him Played it a lot before, ANd i thought i would play it with all of you ^^