Friday, March 11, 2011


It was a long day at work and then I got distracted, so I am posting much later than I originally planned. My schedule changes around a lot with classes on different days and such. I am still planning on posting daily (or close to daily) but there will never be a set time for when I update the blog each day. You will just have to be surprised lol.

People are always posting blog love from people in-game. No one ever gives me blog love. You are the first and only Raztux, thank you haha.
Stun in the Face!
LeChat, why do you get stunned so much? I think it is because Omen likes to see you get gives you bad luck. It also helps when you afk in the castle and I can attempt to stun you repeatedly...either way. The elf on the left was not pleased with being stunned.

PurpleHaze has been having PvP matches at Pandora with a few pledges just to gain some more practice and develop our teamwork. It has been a lot of fun, and we are getting closer as a pledge, which is making it nice. Thanks to all the pledges and people that help us^^. I also wanted to show off my mad skills in MS Paint. Sorry about end QinYu :(

So tired...goodnight :)

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