Sunday, April 24, 2011

100th Blog Post on NoobsRUs~!

This is the 100th total post on NoobsRUs according to my user dashboard^^ !

Apparently having Vergal (Vorpal/Verge) in my last post actually did make it more popular because within the first minute I logged into game I got this whisper:
Thanks BisonFone. I like your blog too!

As I said in the last post, I have been leveling a noob royal a little bit. She hit level 50 last night hunting with Katelyn in noob tos. Thanks for the hunt Katelyn!

Notice the empty F9 hotkey...maybe it is just me, but everytime I get close to leveling it seems to be the exact time that I run out of healing potions. Katelyn kept me healed for the last 10minutes because I was not willing to go get more haha.

Level 50 means sexy royal buffs^^

Level 50 also meant more of General Marcal's good.

On top of my royal I also leveled up an illusionist a little bit.

I think EventClub is permanently pink lol.

This game looks familiar...

I have been getting to go to some more Death Matches recently. Thanks mostly to DestinyHero always calling out the start times. I would never remember to go otherwise. Finally saved enough Hero Marks for my seal of victory...

It looks as though Kyo has spawned a new fad^^

Anyone else want to join this bandwagon? I will post it! Or you can come up with another creative and appropriate way to use my character name haha.

Back to homework/school qq....Almost summer! v.v


  1. Nice, 100th post! Keep up the good work!

  2. that looks like our island man

  3. Yes, Vorpal's influence is felt everywhere. Even on Bison's blog where he posted some drops, you'll see a comment from Mdiya "That's Foreplay." This was in response to a comment Vorpal made on global.

    Vorpal will let you figure out what Mdiya's comment was in response to.

    In any case, Vorpal likes the Fantasm in the Face bit. What do you think of your illusionist?