Friday, April 22, 2011

Hot Stuff~!

Breaking News~!

Neighbor End!

Pray. Why no venz? STRENGTH save Neighbor! STENGTH please please save Neighbor!!!11!1!!!

Luckily I didn't have to pray by myself. AO was kind enough to meet me there to tell me nice blog (thanks ^^). We also had a few moments for press pictures. I am the unpoly stud in the middle of the pack. Sleepy is 'ROFL' which doesn't seem very proper behavior in a church, but who am I to judge?
A few AO end throughout the night also, but do to poor targeting you get to see a picture of SmashT instead of the fallen foe. Better luck next time Nei...

ZLINKZ was being a crafty fox at siege. He kept walking into normal zone and back to safety. So crafty. RF apparently hates foxes...

..In other news, Neighbor is still learning to spell 'dumb' and use the space bar. Silly Neighbor!
This is the best chest I have gotten in about 20 keys. LeChat needs to give me his chest luck. 100k is 100k though.

A few of us in PH were bored the other night so went to run IC for a quick bit of fun. I hadn't run IC with a full group for a long time, and it was enjoyable.

TS called Mummy Lord up while he was hunting so I ran up there to help him. Once I get to 60f he asks me if I have mgems...why the hell would a knight have mgems if you didn't ask me to bring them lol. We managed without immune, but I still thought it was funny. Please notice Botnaked's noob'ness in the chat box. She was lost on 54f qq.

Stun in the Face!

That rose color font is my favorite for stunning. It offsets the stun crown beautifully in my opinion v.v

Until next time!

To infinity and beyond~!


  1. neborrito to the rescue

  2. to lazy to log in.. Great Post man!!

  3. AO's commentary that night was so funny. They had Verge/Vorpal in stitches. Poor STRENGTH. He thought he was going to get something done on global, then so many of you guys ended.

    Hahaha. So much for our advantage.

    Get Neighbor on Vent right now. Hahaha.

    Love You Neigh, Sometimes Twice a Night,