Thursday, April 14, 2011

Once it hits your lips it tastes so good~! (Which Movie?)

Event is now over >.< Time to post again^^
A true fan!
I was waiting for the door guard to spawn and found a fan of my work^^. Thanks Mascara! Hard to see the stun icon on him, but its there o.o
Some more love, pew pew.
Turns into some QQ...
Thanks DestinyHero! I am just trying to keep up with your blog. It is a difficult task.
I leveled again towards the end of the event^^

Why did you pass out that way...

Why does the elf drink sooooooo much?!

I got Shellman a few times over event since it was so easy to teleport down to Abyss. Fun fun event in my opinion. The teleports were great! More 10th anniversary fun NC!
v.v hunting with Vorpal. He is funny, and gives me beautiful buffs 100% of the time haha.
I have been running Ice Caves by myself a lot more recently. It is good experience and it keeps things interesting.
If only the bosses would drop a little more. I am not expecting Demon Staff every boss or anything, but one line of 1000 adena? That just seems like a joke..give me some Ice Demon bags, or a 2hs to dissolve...or add some scrolls to this boss. Gogo Jetzen! Fix the drop tables more!

Notice the dead royal....what a noob.
That is all I have for now. I probably wont post again till after the siege because I have lots of homework. The semester is getting to the end and project due dates are coming soon^^.

Almost Summer~!


  1. good post man, I've been waiting days for you to post hahaha, and days to be able to comment also.

    Thanks for allowing anony-mice to post!


  2. Old School is the movie and this post is real nice!!

  3. Nice post bro!