Sunday, April 3, 2011

Short Event Update~!

Yesterday was over 70 degrees outside and very sunny. It was amazing and such a nice day. The weather enabled me to run outside on a path near my enjoyable. Today the temperature is under 20 degrees and it is snowing...what the heck?

I get more blog hate than I do blog love... I don't understand why people dislike me, but oh well.

I leveled up at the start of the event.
The siege was fun on Saturday and we took Kent back.
Nothing too eventful during the siege. AO declared on us and played around for a little while. This was pretty early in the siege though. AO stopped showing up after about 15mins or so...I think they went to help at Giran, but I am not really sure.
I was hunting SOE to gain a little bit of karma the other day. This screen has absolutely nothing cool in it other than I really like the way that SOE looks. So many colors down there v.v
I found Shellman during the event, but it didn't drop as well as last time I killed it. At least it was easy to get to with the teleporter.

That is it for now. Time for me to get back to schoolwork and playing the event. I hope to get back into normal posting habits after the event.

Needle in the hay~!

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