Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vorpal Vorpal Vorpal~!

I hear that having Vorpal involved with things makes it more popular and attractive. Is it working?

I have been playing my noob royal a little bit recently. I just want to be able to buff Neighbor with her. Leveling a noob means time in noob tos! I would like to thank all of the people that party me in there as I cannot kill worth anything on my own haha.
Here is Verge and I having what I lovingly refer to as a Prince Party. Unfortunately Verge refers to Prince Party in short and says that we are having a PP...

Verge is also Vorpal, so he is always entertaining to hunt with. I think I will make a hybrid of his names and call him Vergal though because it sounds way more lame than either of his actual names lol.

Today was Siege Saturday!

..and I was only able to stay for the first half hour of the siege time qq. I hear we have Kent though^^.

Knowing that I would be leaving early today I wanted to get my fighting done before the siege.

I found Montana and FIGHTDK leveling on GP4. 1v2 End? Oops...

Thanks for the nice jingle Kyo~!

Next we found Pyro and IronApe on 2f...

Once the siege time started we didn't want to declare yet, and didn't have tons of kids online, but we got a small party together to go play with AO at Kent. Copy the guards...gogo.

Hypnotic is only on once a month for sieges due to his work schedule. I had to give my love some love on his day off^^. Miss you H.

That is all that I have for now. I hope everyone else had an eventful and fun Saturday both in life and in game.

I like the Disney movie Tangled~! Watch it! Haha.


  1. OMG Neighbor so tough Q __Q

  2. sounds like someone is mad.. My favorite is Morph 2v3 -- "Pyro why not save Morph?" -- you rpic is better than mine though ^^

  3. Nice post! LOL, that jingle came to me with out even drinking yet...

  4. ur posts are best, they keep me going.