Friday, May 6, 2011

This is Caketown?

It is an awesome event right now, but nothing in this post is from the event. I had a lot of screens from before the event that I wanted to clear out. I will post about the event sometime after the next reset with some drops or something...that is assuming I get something worth posting haha.

On to the post~!

It is official....Boogler said it, so you know it is real.

Blog love.

I am not really sure this counts as blog love, but the fact he whispered me and had a smiley face makes me feel as though he enjoys the blog. But technically he only told me he saw it...

Some people took me up on the offer to use my name^^. I will keep posting these as long as people keep playing!

MaximisCoxis has caught me a few times. Sorry I was lazy in posting, but here they are max!

I hunted Ice Caves for a few runs with Talina and Holme. She dropped unbelievably poorly lol. This is her best from our time...Really NC? 2 lines? Boo...
I went L4 a few times before the event with Samoa and LeChat. We were bored and all decided to use Sharna Scrolls. I think a knight hunting with a dagger is the worst thing to look at in-game. Poke..Poke..Poke.

In Your Face Ralph!

Forge got me in a doorway. I thought he wanted to duel or show me something...then he stunned me. I was too slow to get the screen with the crown in it.

I got him back though. Lol Forge, all you do is bark...bark. bark. bark.

...cause he is in a dog polymorph.

That is all for now.

Until the event is over!

Throw 'em up!

????????? <----- Yeah, I threw them up.

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