Thursday, April 21, 2011

+9 Finger of Death and a lame death

Hey all,

Haven't posted in awhile. We just had our veteran rewards in Lineage: basically, we get rewards for reaching certain levels. One of the rewards I got was a Finger of death. It is originally a level 50 quest reward for dark elves. I managed to make it to +9 and was considering putting a book on it. Now, I'm not sure because it seems like such a waste for 2m. Would you guys/gals buy a book and enchant this? What is the damage like at +10 or better?

Overall the Veteran rewards program is awesome. Thanks to the development team for implementing this.

On a side note. I was attacked in Giran Prison today and died. I don't mind a death, its all in good fun but this time I had to post because I was stunned and somehow my character moved 2 cells and then the screen froze on me. Mouse didn't work, couldn't type. Nothing. I had to force quit. I didn't get to fight which was lame. I'd rather have a fight and die than die without trying.

I tried to message the guy who killed me but he just ignored me - pretty poor sportsmanship. I wanted to find out how I died. Were there more people that attacked me or just him. Oh well. Prior to this I didn't have any lag issues, no server lag either. I have read somewhere on the forums that this was some kind of stun bug. Has this happen to anyone?


  1. I made my dsword i got +9 and i used a book on it and it wen pooF~ the book costed 2.6mill was a lot of cash lol. Not sure if that finger of death is worth that, Ask confusion maybe. As far as your death i got hit also, cant move cant do nothing cant escape. i hit the escape button but i go nowhere. As far as hacks yes there is stun hacks that freeze screen, and some other kinda of hack that moves you cells. someone we fought on regular bases did that. I think was speed hack he moves in to ur cells and it moves you. not sure how it works. Hope someone has more info on this.

  2. That happened to me and if Kallisto would have not been around I would have died. Everything froze just like you described except it only happened after I started to attack.

  3. Was just me there, wasn't sure if you dced, didn't notice you went pink and were trying to chaomake or if you were botting and it bugged... either way your enemy pink so that's that.

    Srry for ignoring you, I usually only read chat my first few minutes online... check on ppl that have loans out from me and find out if there's a fight. If there's a fight, jump on voice communication, if not log, either way I rarely look at chat after that first 5 minutes or so.

  4. 1. I faced this issue a number of times while fightin wit another pledge. It got to a point where I PMed Nyx and Jetzen and this is the answer I got

    " Our theory is that it may be caused by the way the server talks to the game client. We can't see the servers interactions directly - thats not part of the code that we have access to. Its also not something we can change. If we are correct about the reason for it occurring, it has to do with the basic internal coding of how the server sends and receives packets of info - and therefore couldn't be changed period. Korea has not confirmed this for us, they have only told us that they do not see this as an issue on their servers. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen on their servers - it only means that they are not (or possibly can not) going to change it. Sorry."

    So yea even if someone has figured out an exploit for this, it looks like everyone gonna have to suck it up for the forseeable future. Personally I just treat such ends as a lag end and forget about it.

    2. Am a bit confused on the one hand you guys object to trash talk yet when someone chooses not to and ignore wis you still get riled? If I get hit when I know my bp at war wit another bp, I dont bother trying to find out why. But that's just me.

  5. Moonfang, thanks for the reply from NC.

    On a side note to #2, nowhere in my comment was I angry or pissed off or "riled". I simply wanted to find out how I died, specifically if there were more than one person that killed me because there were instances where some people whenever they were on a screen...the screen lags. Afterall, my screen froze.

    Please don't put words in my mouth. Thanks. And if you have read my post it said "I don't mind the death" and I did whisper the person who killed me to try to find out what happened.

    This has nothing to do with trash talk. Even if that person choses to not trash talk...(I didn't either). Common courtesy would've been to respond since I asked simple questions: were there more than one person? What happened? I said: My screen froze. Nothing worked.

    If it was a "bug" then at least I know and maybe would review the way I play next time. But thanks anyways for reading the post and responding.