Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been busy with school and family over Thanksgiving, so I did not edit or crop these much. I just blocked out things from the whole screen shot to make it go a little faster. It will still give you something to look at though.

My pledge got a key for the Antharas Raid dungeon and ran through it a couple times hoping for either the new pet or the eye. We had fun instead though.
I wanted to see Antharas on live server so I went into his lair and waited. I had to venz pretty fast, but I did get screen first.
I leveled again, which is always nice. This time I was racing a friend in my bp, and I won!
He had to pay me for beating him^^. I had a slight head start and would have had to pay him double if I lost.
I won one of the 'Follow Me!' contests from the main Lineage website. Thanks GMNyx!
I will end the post with some of the bosses I have gotten recently. This first one is clearly not during the 2x drop event. Worst Ancient Giant ever...

This is the first Ice Queen Box that I have ever gotten. So much build up for an Ndai zzz.

Lots of things to get done for work and school now, but this was a nice break for me.
Take is easy.

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