Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deaths and Drops~! YY

The 2x probability event ended today with the weekly reset.

Here is a Demon that I found when running bosses. It is the first Demon that I solo'd. Normally I find it as someone else is already hitting it, or I get called to it by my pledge. I called it up in bp chat, but it died right as Zar got there to party me for his lovely water heals.
I rarely find this one...
This Bapho was right after the reset, but he seems to have forgotten that 2x probability was turned off..
Oh! Neat drop Nei, you got a Bapho Staff...PRAY!
This was my last Ice Cave run of event. Kallisto and I were pretty happy to get the drop.

I am currently selling a +8 Ice Queen Staff and Baphomet Staff. Whisper or letter me in game if you are interested. GMNyx said she would mediate a trade since the '/lang' trick for trading these item isn't working currently.

Keep it up~!


  1. I didn't know how the tags worked so I tested it..

  2. +8 Ice Queen Staff and Bapho Staff are both sold now.