Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ZOMG! A post that worked?

I am still a noob to posting, but hopefully the screenshots work correctly this time.
The Halloween event has been a lot of fun so far, and still another week left! As always I haven't been able to play as much as I would like over event times, but I'm still enjoying the time I do get to play.

Lets kick it off with some Ancient Giant drops!

This one I found solo when running to ToI (Pre-Event). Some random DK showed up right as it ended. Tough luck for that kid I guess, although the drops weren't anything awesome. The next Ancient Giant I got dropped pretty well though... I didn't have an Ancient Giant Ring yet, so it is nice not to have to pay for it. I was in a party with Lady so we could chat and watch each other's drops...I think she was jealous!
The event weapons, armor, and cat poly have made hunting really fast and a lot of fun. I have been going to Lastavard in small groups to get experience and drops. Even in a group of two the big bosses still drop fast.
Kallisto and I have been doing a lot of 4f runs in Lasta. Unfortunately Hellvine didnt drop us Soul of Flame on our way down there as I thought he would. Maybe next time...
I also saved up enough Crystal of Dark Elf Souls to complete Eris's mini quest. Apparently I didn't know how the quest worked though. I was under the impression that I collect the souls and she gives me Amulet of Eris(+1Str, +1Dex). The truth is she gives you a bag of Eris, which only has a chance to give you the amulet. Needless to say, the bag dropped me 8,000 adena...
I am also slowly, but surely adding to my collection of ToI Teleport Charms. I got this one a day or two into the event.

It was a pretty decent Mummy Lord, especially since I got it solo. Even with the event gears he hurts a lot. It would have been nice to have been immuned. Instead, you will notice that I ran out of Rabbit Livers, and even with those I was low HP by the time it ended.

The Tikal+Antharas Episode goes to test server today. I am pretty excited about it, and can't wait for it to be live. I encourage everyone to check it out on test. Or at least go to the main lineage website and read about all of the new updates. I think some of the new items look really awesome, and I am loving the experience boosts and new places to hunt. Time to save money so I can blow it all during new episode!

Big gulps huh? Well, see you later.
Spacing is still dumb. Deal with it...

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