Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decompress...lin.gz error for mac and win7

This post is for the people who are having trouble downloading the latest patch. You may have gotten the error: decompress something lin.gz.

For mac users go to this link:

For Windows users do the following:

Go to your windows task manager and click the services tab.

You will find a service file called "npkcmsvc". Right-click and select stop to stop the service. Click apply. If it says access denied, then you have to log in as Administrator.

To log in as Administrator:

1) Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt
2) Type: net user administrator /active:yes

Log off. You now have Admin and your regular account. Log into your Admin account and follow the previous step to disable "npkcmsvc" and then log off again and log into your regular account.

Start Lineage. The download process should continue where you left off. Enjoy.


  1. when i type that it says still acces denied in teh black screen

  2. what i do is rename the file "npkcmsvc",
    the its fine for me...
    still updating...zzz