Saturday, November 13, 2010

More shortscreens of Poochat's event

Well,we had some lasta group hunt during event.
It was fun going through all lasta floors with cat polymorph.
Here is one shortscreen of our hunt.

I did catch some bosses besides IQ and ID
Here comes the top 1 drop of the event.
(I know it still sucks >"<,but 9 lines drops is rare!)

And more bosses soloed:

Well,during this event I did 1 level then got bored again...
I didn't get many candies and pies (less than 100 of each)
cuz I hate people dont kill mops in event maps...
They just hit once and venz
then you would see a lonely cat killing mops like a fool \ . /
On the last day of the event
I boomboom some masks...
It turned out:

I made 2 +7's out of 28 masks
That's all about my event days ^_^
Have fun!

Opps...almost forget this baby...

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