Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here it is with no particular order and way to long just like this title~!

Lots has happened over the last two weeks or so. I was able to do some leveling over the event. This was my first time hunting in Kent Castle dungeon. The exp isn't too bad there, but mainly it was a new place to do my leveling.
After the recent Tikal+Antharas update there has been a lot of grief play in the new Giran Prison area. I was sick of it and went chao on some prince. I forgot how sexy red looks :)
Our pledge took IGG castle this last siege period. Here are the two bosses. Nothing amazing, but new bosses are always fun. I also enjoy hunting the Wilderness area. The exp is good and drops are decent too.
A friend of mine owned Aden Castle over the event and let me hunt there since 4f is decent exp and I was sick of all my regular places that were crowded. Ran into this boss which I had never seen before now. She had terrible drops, but it was still fun.
As always I continue to do IQ runs, but the drops remain lame.
I was able to buy another charm off of a pledgemate. This is the first charm of mine that I had to buy, but I don't want to wait forever to get them all as drops.
I got another Thebes weapon over the event. I think this is my third or fourth, but I am not really sure since I didn't take many screen shots before being allowed on this blog.
LeChat got one of these the other day and we didn't even know it was a drop. Shortly after I got my own.
I didn't want to wait to sell it so decided to just dissolve it. Luckily it didn't evaporate because I really needed that 1m lol.
The new update opened up Giran Prison, which is where I do most of my leveling now. I have run into the new boss there a few times now. This is the first form of the boss.
After you finish with Klein it turns into this spirit.
The spirit drops you keys.
You use the keys to open chests that are on the 3f of the prison. I hear the chest can drop 1m, but my best drop so far is 100k.
That is it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the new content.
Stay classy!

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