Monday, February 7, 2011

Time for a break~

Hello all~

I will be taking a short break for the time being - been overflowed with work. I found it really hard to step away when NCA is doing a wonderful job with all the updates. Also, PH and Noobs are doing well and growing strong. Everyone is leveling so hard nowadays (even PD!). So weird to see some friends out of DK poly and using Silver/Gold/Arch polies sometimes. PH has the numbers, strength, and knowledge to kill Antharas but most just need a few more levels before we attempt it. Leave a message here if there is an attempt soon and I can try to be on for it (that is if you need another mage). Otherwise, I will not be on much. Take care!

Have fun and good drops~


  1. Omg what dont leave me!!~~~~OMEN i been missing u so much lately. I am sad now :{!Please hurry back...

  2. Good luck with work and everything Omen! Your expertise and company will be missed in the time that you are away. See you at Antharas!

  3. I'm proud to be in dk morph....forever 52 gogo!