Saturday, February 26, 2011

Level and Bosses...Repeat~!

It has been a while since I last updated. Just that time of my school semester I guess...keeping me very busy with studying. I am going to try and update a little more often, but I probably wont be able to pull off a post-a-day like my hero, DestinyHero. That kid is a champ.

On to the post!
I leveled up! Hooray!
We just finished up a winter event that spawned slimes all over mainland. Some of the slimes could turn into queens, which would give you a gift box of random goodies such as fantasy foods and crafting materials.
I didn't participate in the event aspect very much, but it was still enjoyable to go kill some queens for something to do in-game.
Found a few random bosses when I wasn't grinding...

No awesome drops, but always fun and still enough to support my leveling.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves in life and in-game!

Let's have fun~!


  1. Congrats! I wanna see some Lich/Grim pics. Get Sam to take you. :P

  2. Lolz i wanna see too, but Netaria pass on some of her laziness to me >_<

  3. Alright Omen, I am going to see how many Lich I can get in a week, and then I will post it next week. Probably wont be many because I will still be trying to get my daily experience, but oh well. It better drop good though since you told me to go get it for you.