Saturday, February 5, 2011

It has been insane cold...

I was able to level up again :) I ran out of Giran Prison time with about 6% left so NuttyBoi said he would heal me in my favorite leveling spot until I finished out the level^^.
If I am logged into Lineage I am normally leveling, but the pledge talked me in to making a couple Lasta 4f runs the other night. GMNyx was kind enough to join us at the start of the fourth floor.
I can't stand the screen shaking of AQ, but I also can't let the chance of a good drop go...
I have been checking this boss much more often. I am trying to get the new 2hs, but so far this is the best it has given to me haha.
The spawn of this boss is currently not working I think. It has spawned once since the castle updates went live. At least his drops were in fact worth killing him this time. Gogo Jetzen, fix the spawn rates^^.

Well, back to leveling~!

Watch for the yellow circle~!


  1. Woot lvled again...
    Can you like please give other people chance to post always you posting lmao!!

  2. Not my fault that I am more exciting than most o.o haha

  3. You are rocking the levels. Keep up the good work~~!