Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lalahoo End! Dex Amulet Best^^

The past few posts have been too long, and it is annoying to organize the posts. I am going to try shorter posts, even if I have to update a little more frequently. Or maybe I will forget and just do long posts in a week again....its hard to say hah.

Sieges have had a little more action recently, which is nice in my opinion. I was already crazy slow at leveling, but my current schedule doesn't allow for tons of play time. Normally I will log in around siege time to see if anything is happening and hope for the best.

I don't always get the best though haha. I died 2x in the span of about 5minutes lol! Talk about Noobs-are-us material. The problem is that I restarted too fast to catch any screens of it myself qq. I would recommend checking out Nokia2011's blog, I am sure he will have some solid footage of the action. Oh, and I did actually drop my Dex Amulet...so that is neat. Speaking of Nokia...v.v
I hope a fan club starts to form soon.

Lineage (probably most online games, but I have only played Lineage) always have negatives. Global can be one of those negatives. I normally just turn global off at these times, but before I turned it off tonight I tried to lighten the mood with a joke. Damn you Nokia.

A few kills from the sieges.

Hopefully this post makes the middle of the week a little bit better!

I will see you there...or I will see you another time. <--Name the movie?


  1. Hi, i have been quite busy since LOA went down and was looking around for a good server to play in. I found truelineage but i am unable to install the game keep getting errors. I am not able to get past the log in screen. Anyone aware on how to fix it?

  2. I would suggest posting this question on the TrueLineage.net forums. It sounds as though you either didn't complete the installation 100% or that you didn't follow all the installation directions exactly. THe initial install is a bit of a pain to get right...it took me some time to work it out, but it is way worth it! A good server for people that either hardcore grind or just have a little time to play. I have almost no time compared to when LOA was up, but I still have respectable level and gears to compete and have fun. Hope to see you on TL!