Saturday, October 8, 2011

Neighbor is back!

TrueLineage is merging with LineageZero. Stik and myself decided to get a small head start on LineageZero prior to the official merge date. We also decided it was time to move away from KING and join a pledge that we knew would focus on PvP more, and that was more active in vent. So now we are with Nokia and his lovely friends! Say what? So far the server has blown me away. I really enjoyed TrueLineage, but I think Zero will be even better. And I am glad that GMMike is now a part of the Zero team as he is a genius coder. Zero server still has some custom items/areas, but for the most part the server seems to have tried to stay close to live, which I enjoy. If anyone is looking for a game to play, I highly recommend checking out LineageZero. 155 Users! The server has a pretty high active user base, and LineageZero keeps pushing to gain more. I am told that clients for the Japanese and Taiwanese users are going to be coming out shortly. Currently Zero supports Korean and English users, and has two versions of the website for the different languages. TL merge date is officially 10/08/2011 meaning we will probably gain the last few from that server now. The merge is not going to transfer characters directly to Zero server, but players from TL will be rewarded on their new Zero characters with level bonuses based on TL levels, and will get to transfer a few items of choosing. Adena and other in game currency type items are also going to be transferred to the new accounts. The transfer period starts October 10th. I can't wait!

One of the custom areas is called Sky Castle. It is a nightly siege that puts players against monsters (all bosses from what I have seen). The bosses don't drop the same as the normal bosses, but they still have chances to drop some great and unique items. Zazu and I went to check it out briefly the other night. We got a few nice drops, which I forgot to screen. I need to up my knight more though...I was a bad tank for Zazu lol.
Went on a little pledge hunt with Nokia, Cheetara, and FightClub. We spent some time underwater farming some items.

We are also killing dragons to farm good drops, but this is the only one that I ss..

My very first kill on Zero!

1v1 on level 70+ spades elf. Bye. Notice my terribly low hp lol.

Late last night a few of us wanted to take a break from grinding levels and found some enemy pledges out hunting. We only had three people that were actually on in our pledge for the fun...2 knights and 1 dragon knight. It should have been a terrible match up since the enemy had mages, elves, DEs, dragon knights, illusionists, and more than just 3 people but....they got rocked lol.

Until next time!

Oh, and join LineageZero! And say hello if you do^^ But don't be mad if you can't team with me...its not my pledge lol.

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