Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Friends on TL~!

Apparently I need to post more often because this post is way too long qq.

TL is gaining some more people again! LeChat, DestinyHero, and the infamous Stik have now made their way to TrueLineage! I will have to get some screens of them in action for the next post. They are all currently just grinding away trying to get some items and levels^^. LeChat is a beast though.

I switched from and Earth Bow Elf to a Fire Sword Elf. Sword elf is not my favorite for PvP at all. In fact it is rather terrible haha, but the leveling benefits are very good for me. I might actually level now. Maybe...
Blog love v.v

Elf love v.v

I am finally starting to do some KillQuests. I should have started doing them a long time ago. They are an awesome way to get added experience and drops. For people unfamiliar with TL or KillQuests: KQs get dropped from mops similar to a spellbook. There are different levels of KQs. Double click the book and it unlocks a random monster KQ from that level. Kill the required number of mops, which varies from KQ to KQ, and receive bonus drops and rewards upon completion! It is a neat concept and makes hunting more rewarding.

Switching to sword has allowed me to do a little of this. By a little I mean I have gained 1 more level than when I was bow lol. I am still not mad?

Level 3 Karma for the win!

I love seeing these messages pop up in global. Someday I will be the person that makes the item...

Elrec came to FI to help me kill G-Mino. 3 Minutes later he gets an A-Scroll. The kid is mad lucky. This is his 3rd or 4th scroll from FI zzz.

Another Boss that I found I can solo! Hooray!

Meteor is so sexy on this server. It isn't bad in PvP either.

Step 1. Obtain Edoryu of Thebes Osiris.

Step 2. Do not get any offers for the +7 weapon and make it +8.

TheHand and I spent some time messing around in Orc Land. We were both getting good experience and we got to end this boss, which drops soooo many lines and nothing good. qq.

Serenity Fort is a neat custom map in TL. There is a castle on the map, and if a pledge kills the bosses then that pledge gets 2x experience hunting in that zone. It is a good spot for bow elves. Really good drops, and decent experience.

I got my first TG Ring while hunting my ToS KillQuest.

Too bad I can't even use this item. At least the BP got to put it to use though.

Rugal is my biggest competition for top PvP spot in KING pledge. He is currently beating me for PvP points, and will probably remain in the lead until I go back to bow. I will catch back up and pass him though.

Nice Bounty~!

Kill Time!

I don't know what POWER was thinking on this one. We clearly had a good number of players right at the gate. He walks out, gets stunned, and dies. All Respect could do is face palm on the sideline.

Animal avoided getting killed by me on this one, but he still lost experience and I didn't have to be chaotic for that nights siege. Seems good to me.

As I said, sexy Meteor^^.

How many times can Haha die?

He just kept coming back at this point and dying to me and TheHand. I don't get it, but I wasn't going to stop either.

Notice that I run out of potions on this one. Close call lol. Two more hits from a DE and I could have been done.

Gengar likes Bacon's stun.

Poor Athena. This one was funny because we were looking for LS, which someone said was up. 5 or more people in KING just walked by Athena and let her be while she was hunting Kima. I couldn't have any of that and shot her down immediately.


Okay, get out of here.



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  2. LOL spelled it wrong! ARe you guys just griefers now? The new AO? Seems like you are just pking everyone? HAHA do you kill AO? KIll them ALL!!!!