Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event and After~!

We just finished with our second mega event. It was the same as the first mega event: 2x Exp for under level 55s, bosses all over TI, 2x PvP scores, and all polymorphs unlocked. I really enjoy this type of event. Lots of things to do, and it gets the majority of the server population all stuck together on TI, which is fun. It was also a great event for all the new players coming into the server. I think a large majority of them are at least 52+ if not 55+ now, and they should have been able to get some gears. I have a feeling that if we get large enough influxes of new players that GMMike will keep popping this event off here and there to allow them to catch up faster, and give the higher levels something to do in the PvP. I also personally like this event because it is one of the few areas that I am actually able to grind experience. I am still sub level 60, but maybe someday, right?

On to people that love me....most likely they just want to be on a blog, but I like to believe the former.
Forbidden love of the enemies...

It just won't end.

Nicest title on TL? Yes!

I like Aurura even though he is now in BTK and therefore I cannot attack him.

I don't know who this is, but anyone that has such wonderful typing skills cannot be that bad.

During the event I was trying to hunt some bosses, but my stupid spirit refused to kill more mops until it could take a snuggle break with its buddy.



I am not going to post any of the event boss drops because it is just too much editing. I will stick to the normal bosses of TL so people can see how junk they drop haha.

CzyKnight sent me a few SS, which made their way to the post. If anyone else in my pledge wants to send me SS for the blog let me know in-game.

Lesser Antharas...woot woot.


Zazu (the Great Stik) and I killed this terrible boss together. Bosses in TL are so difficult compared with what they drop. At least drop 1M or something worth of adena. I don't want end game items flooding market, but a Katana...

On to the PvP~!

I got a handful of kills during the event, and a few after. I also died some during the event and after is fighting. Always end to Faith BP, which makes sense seeing as they are really the only other power on the server. Faith BP is the only thing that keeps me slightly motivated to level haha. I just cannot keep up with the 60-65+ kids in fights at my level. 55+ gets mad rocked taking damage from those higher levels. I still try though, and I think for most part I do decent enough.

I didn't even help on this kill. It was all Zazu. I was in CoI and was only detected out after Flex ended.

I was getting hit by guards near town, and this is the best SS I could get of killing GG on TI lol.

That is it for now.

Until next time.



  1. Maybe see you in there. Looks fun.

  2. What is the blue ifrit looking thing in first pvp pic? Summon? Boss?