Sunday, May 15, 2011

Really NC? Really?

The NC team has announced that the North American Lineage servers will be brought down on June 29th, 2011. At this time Lineage will be done for good in this territory. I can understand the business decision behind this in some ways, but I think NC has handled the entire situation poorly. There is no offer to transfer characters to a different territory, and NC is not even going to assist players with trying to make a new account with any of the other territories that Lineage will continue to be played. I think the most upsetting part is not that Lineage is over. It is that Lineage is only over in North America. All of the other territories will continue to play and have updates for content for years to come. That is all I will say on that I guess.

Prior to the news of server shutdown my plan had been to level grind with some of my free time over the summer, and then join the main war on LOA. That obviously wont happen now, so most of the remaining time spent in game will be random fights and PvP.

Neighbor never had the uber-amazing items that some of the players from the start of LOA have, but my gears were at least decent, and I enjoyed it. No reason to hide level and stats anymore lol.

Vagisil whispered me during some fighting festivities and told me he had come over from DEP to have some fun at Top. Personally, I think this is pretty cool, and enjoy all the servers playing together and having fun with the little bit of time that we all have remaining. Even though he was fighting against me it was all in good fun. Then he started to trash my blog, and my pledge. What the hell? I never claimed to be some god of PvP, and will openly admit I am a noob. The blog is called NoobsRUs...

PurpleHaze was a group of friends that enjoyed gaming together. We fought on occassion, but that was a very small aspect of our gameplay. Are we noobs? Yes please!

You got cancelled at fights Vagisil? This annoyed you? I was getting cancelled too! Join the club...
I just don't see the point of trashing the community with so little time remaining haha. Why can't people just PvP and hunt for fun. Or move on and not bother at all. At least I attempted to add to the Lineage community by posting on this blog, and occassionally on the forums.

There has been tons of fighting since the announcement of the server closing. Teams keep switching back and forth. It is hard to keep track of who to hit or not hit because people are constantly changing pledges and sides etc. It has been fun though and I wish I had the chance to have leveled some more and joined a fighting pledge prior to Lineage getting shut down. There has been some trash talk too, but mostly just in good fun. A question mark here or there, or a 'why no venz' type remark. I think RushGirl counted wrong on this one and I thought it was funny. Looks like 2v1 to me, but I am tired so I don't know. My guess is that the other party member with me is LeChat. No offense to anyone else in my pledge, but LeChat is favorite person to fight with Lol. I always tried to come up with a name for our duo, but he never liked any of them...

Well fok off LeChat...LeBor for the win! Or NeiChat! Either way lol...

I would like to thank everyone that made Lineage fun for me. I will not name people specifically because there are too many to name. Too all of PurpleHaze and the people that ever said 'hi' or gave me tips and support along the way. Thanks for the good times^^. Maybe I will see you again down the road in another game or in real life. Until then I hope you all the best.

Most of my close in-game friends already have some of my contact information, but for anyone that would want to stay in touch or doesn't have that information already I made an email specifically for keeping in touch.

I have lots of screenshots from the end of game fights that I have been saving up. I might make one last post dedicated to nothing except those fights, but I am not sure yet.

I have also looked in to playing Lineage on a Japanese server. I know a few other people have already moved over. If I do this then I might continue to post my adventures from over there. Or if I find a new game I might post that stuff too. Honestly I don't know what I will do though. Lineage is the only game I have played, so I might just call gaming quits and focus on other things now that I have graduated college..Graduation May 20th, 2011!

Stay golden~!


  1. yay!!!! more end screen shots that don't even matter. (aka siege zone aka lineage is dead)

  2. Why do you always have to be so hateful?
    AO always said they love to fight and they play to fight, and now that it is non-stop fighting just to have fun with the end of Lineage NA, AO isn't even participating (unless you are on alts that are newly leveled to 65, in which case I hope you are enjoying the last month as much as I am enjoying it)...
    Mainly it seemed AO enjoyed trying to ruin other people's gameplay and stir up least from my point of view. And when people still had fun and enjoyed the game in their own way with friends and hunting and whatever else AO would find some other tactic to try to ruin that too.
    Chozo, I always respected that you were good in fights, and limited most of your trash talk to in-game character things, and not a personal attack against the player. So why hate on me enjoying the last month or so of lineage? Do the two end screenshots in this post matter? Not at all lol. I posted them because I had fun with them and to share with people that are interested. You clearly are not interested, which is fine.
    Enjoy where life brings you next.

  3. why would we participate when it doesn't even matter. we have finished all of our fights. there is nothing else for us to do. we don't care about gear/level/items, just making players lose exp and adena.

  4. we killed people "for no reason" because we knew that most players are just peace leveling to eventually join a side in the war. we didn't always do this since we played but the people we played with (our pledge) have faught since we were all sub 52. we realized over the years every time we let pledges that just peace hunt go with obvious high level players we knew they would join into enemies pledges eventually. we weren't wrong either, you said you would join into one side of the war. yeah sure, you could say you would have joined our side (restart) if we didn't hit you but thats bullshit. rarely does anybody ever join a losing side unless they have some sort of tie to a friend or another person in the pledge. thats why oink had been dominating for the past year because restart lost badly a few years back when tons of their retard bots were banned.

    we did play the first day they put the level up npc in. it got boring real quick after about 1 hour of endless fighting because the kills no longer meant anything because even level 80s would just fight until death without venzing.

    enjoy your first time real pvping, its too bad because its the best part of the game and now the game is gone.

  5. lollolol nice pic at the end. Lawful temple!? what the? hahaha

  6. Lol. I am not sure, but people have been fighting at lawful temple a lot. Lawful Temple, Chaotic Temple, and Top Drake seem to be the main fight spots since the end of lineage was announced. I would assume it will move into the boss island area now, but I haven't played much so don't really know.

  7. Dear Neighbor,
    Too bad our time was cut short but thanks for being a kind and intelligent player. I know most of us are feeling bitter sweet about Lineage ending. I've made alot of friends over the years and I hope to see you again sometime in the future.
    <3 Nef <3

  8. Thanks Nef^^
    What are your future plans?

  9. HI nef i will miss you~~! You never know you and steve may see me on WOW, lol. which server do you guys play?

  10. Not sure where we are going, kinda in limbo. Wow has changed so much with cata and I hated it. Looking forward to Guild Wars2 or Diablo 3, which ever comes out first. What about ya'll?

  11. Not sure yet, I am on AION checking it out but we are in limbo also. Archage and D3 we will wait for also.. till then i am trying to find a nice fit