Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Christmas Event~!

Now that the event is over I can finally post! It was just too hard to post over the holidays because I was busy having fun with my family and my computer was running afk constantly trying to get something uber from Gold Stockings...

Long story short, Gold Stockings just didn't do it for me..

I leveled up again. This one took me a while, but I still got it.
This is probably the best that the 2x drop event gave me. ITT whispered me and said he had been hitting DK for a while and needed some help. Shortly after we both started hitting it he got all of the drops haha.
We tried to hunt a decent amount of L4 over the event. Most runs down there we would stop off at Laia.

I always enjoy finding ML. He is kind of a lame boss, but I still enjoy him haha.
I think this is the 3rd charm I have gotten from ML..
We got a few of these over event, but this is the only one that I took screen of it.
Nothing super amazing about this drop, but since its the first real 2x drop event it is kind of neat.Our mage D/C at the 3rd boss on this L4 run. So we decided to keep going and just do the best we could. We not only made it all the way to the end with only 3 melee characters, but were even able to kill Barode with a little team work haha. He hits way too hard to have no immune and no healer zzz. Way to go Lady and Exodius lol.
Here is a small list of random drops from over the event.. I got more but editing starts taking too long and I get bored quickly.

Now that event is over I will probably just grind out levels the best that I can before the new semester starts.

Also, there is new content that NC is adding, so go to the main lineage website and check out the updates. Then hop over to test server and test it out and give NC some feedback!

Stay Strong~!

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