Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Screenshots~

Hello everyone!

I have been lazy and have not posted in awhile. A new year has arrived so I figured I would clear out some screen shots from my folder. US Lineage just had a nice Xmas event where everyone got a little something (a lot of consumables, enchant scrolls, and sometimes a rare Gold Stocking). The Gold Stockings dropped some items that were very rare or were unobtainable through normal means outside of the event, such as Soul of Flame, Spellbook: Shape Change, Blessed Knight Vald Sword, Elixirs, etc. A friend of mine finally got Soul of Flame so I will try to put up a screen shot of it in action later. Of course some people will be unhappy with what they received or did not receive. At least I got a gold stocking so I cannot complain.

On with the screen shots:
Some Mainland pics -

Some TOI pics -

Some random pics -

Lastly, some Lastavard pics -

That is all for now. Good luck and have fun~

Update: Screen shots of Soul of Flame!



  1. Hey, What gave you the Boots of Dread King?

  2. Hey Karna! The Boots were actually from a normal urn from Lastavard 1f. It was not even from a boss urn. I am sure because the boss urn was in another pile. So... yea, did not know I could get that from a normal urn.

  3. Wow from Lasta 1f! That means people could possibly get Assassin King Gloves from it as well... man that's insane! And you Sir are very lucky!

  4. I agree. I am lucky with items and drops sometimes. However, I believe I am luckier to have met some great friends in this game. Maybe when Antharas is rebalanced, we can combine forces and give it a try. :)

  5. I sure am game for that. Doubt I have the HP for it though I'd love to :)