Sunday, January 23, 2011


well,I rerolled INT DE lately
and I'm satisfied with the result.

The base stats are 14str 16dex 15int 13wis.
then I added wis to 23,int 25 with gear.
Others on dex and str.
The avg. of lesser heal is about 60hp from 2mp.
(save pot money ^.^)
SP= 12,works pretty good on Thebes edo.
Especially when devil's kisses come out...would be scary.
It's like 150~200 damage on 100mr.
Well,even my base str is very low,but the weird thing is I feel the damage is
about the same,sometimes faster with devil's kiss.
The problem is I miss more on PVP<~~need add more dex later on.
Oh,and HP is 100+ short... : (
HP now is 951 with gear (Tarak cloak +109,Guarder +80,Shadow boots+50)
MP is 380,regen = 30 mp per tick with ALA,Red orc earrings,and mana pot.
(need a mp doll but its pricy now....)
And I have MP deduction -2 on all magic.

I have more fun playing INT and group hunt,hope everyone would find their fun way in lineage world.
Have a good day.


  1. Gogo INT dark elf~! You save me a few times already with well timed heals haha.


  2. You make me wanna play Int DE. Have you tried final burn with your current setup? o.0

  3. I thought that final burn was purely based off the amount of mana that your character has, meaning it would be a function of WIS rather than INT? LeChat always has had high WIS even when he wasn't an INT dark elf. He likes to throw final burn in at the end of duels to make sure people flop before they can walk out of door lol.

  4. Hehe yea, it's his favorite move when he's about to lose a duel. :P I know erase helps with final burn so I figured Int would play a part in the calculation. Although, I have no clue really. Guess we gotta do some tests and find out.

  5. 10xxhp + 45xmp wis 23 int 25 final burn...
    = 200 hp damage lol