Sunday, December 12, 2010

Study Break~!

I needed a break from studying, so I am posting...ZOMG thanks Nei! Only one more week for this semester and then I have over a month of break. I still have to work over break, and I will be busy with other things also, better watch out cause I'm going big zz.

Start this off with another level screen..they all tend to look the same, but you only see the blue ring every so often.
Twinklefish sums up all of the drops over the last few weeks in this screen. It almost seems that the drops are worse after the drop event than they were prior to it..probably just means I have been getting unlucky bosses, but I will take this opportunity to complain all the same.
I have been meaning to do this in game for a while. I finally did it! I have completely reorganized and categorized my bookmarks. I was so happy when I finished that I had to post it haha. Pretty lame, maybe, but I like things in order.

I will see you all after finals^^.

Keep your chin up~!


  1. I like them bookmarks - how do you do it?

  2. Think for colored BM is \fR~\fZ
    and only \fX don't work.