Friday, August 27, 2010

Level 50 Illusionist!

Lineage was just updated with two new classes, Dragon Knight and Illusionist, two weeks ago. A few Dragon Knights and Illusionists reached level 50 within the first week thanks to the new US rule set giving players under level 50 two times experience. I am not complaining since the rule set allowed me to level my Illusionist to level 50 easily as well. =)

Levels 1-50:

Hitting level 50:

The Illusionist is the 5th character on my account that is 50+ but I will try to level this one past 52.^^;

Have fun and good drops~

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  1. I just while your blog while googling Varlok and found your karma guide. It's a great blog so I'll definitely be adding it to my to-read list. I have a 51 Illusionist on Ken and I plan on getting it to 52 as well. Then decide whether or not I want to continue with it from there =)