Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally LvL 3 Karma Earrings

Finally I got my lvl 3 karma earrings. Thanks to BloodOmen (especially Omen) and Samoa for the heals. They must have been bored. 

Now I'm probably gonna go to the dark side for the other Karma. Something to do in Lineage instead of grind. They should have more of these quests in Lineage but not so tedious. =P



  1. GRATZ!! Im trying hard to get mine im at 43% of lvl 2 :{ so far to go...

  2. now it's just the whole thing again from lvl 3 to 0 demon karma =)
    i know u will have a lotta fun with that lol.

  3. Actually, reversing/erasing karma is easier than gaining karma. If you kill the mops on the same side as you, then you lose the mops karma x 4 (i.e. if PD goes and kills the Shiboins in DC, then he will lose 6 x 4 = 24 karma). As you can see, reversing karma will be much faster.