Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Level 52 Illusionist!

Hi all! We just had a polymorph and experience fruit event. The fruits are nice for a little extra experience whenever you hunt. Managed to get my Illusionist to level 52 during the event. Woot~!

Also, turns out I am a winner of the Game Guide Round 2 Contest so I need to decide what to do with my free enchant. I have received some offers to enchant some really nice items. I will take my time to weigh my options. Feel free to leave offers here as well if interested. =)

Have fun and good drops~


  1. You can enchant a +11 b-kedo pretty pretty please I'll owe you for life =P
    - Confusion

  2. You're going to have to offer better than that. =P I am still fielding offers at the moment. I probably won't have a decision until after the coming Tikal/Antharas update so you have time to save up.^^