Monday, August 8, 2011

You know you love it~!

Still no love for me!
qq. Oh wells. This was said becuase he knew me and fought me on LOA. I have always been the first to admit that PurpleHaze/Limitless sucked at PvP. We were a peace and hunting pledge that ended up in fights when certain kids would start in with us. We lost hard, and yet I still enjoyed the game and life far more than they ever will..not to mention with far more class than most of them. Winning. Anyhow, this is the last qq I will ever post here because TrueLineage is all about fun, plus LOA is dead!

On to the pew pew!
Logged into TL the other day and I thought the server was bugging because no one was online. I just sat at tree thinking I would d/c any minute or something. But then everyone else started popping online and it turns out I was legit the first person to log.

Went for a group hunt on 81f+ with BreakeR and JimmyTheHand. I don't think we got anything worth much, at least from what I remember, but it was also really late and I was half asleep the whole time.

I finally did some leveling. I don't get to see this very much haha...

On to some PvP and Kills. PewPew.

BONUS was trying to haste Krieg and make the boss hard for us. It usually works to some extent, except we had a lot of elves and mages so it was easy to cancel it right away. In the end he got caught by mass triples from the elves and BreakeR took him down. At least BONUS was trying to start something though. That is what I like about TL. Just start fights and mess with other pledges and players. No need for drama or in-game politics. Just mess around since it isn't a real server anyhow.

I don't know who this is, but he was in my hunting spot and didn't have my emblem.

Same as above.

PyroAmos! Miss you v.v Had to tag you for fact we have fun on LOA....PH vs NzelBest for the win!

We didn't get anything worth mentioning, or at least I didn't, but bosses are still always fun, especially since lots of fights happen at boss areas. Bosses are insane in TL though. Not uncommon for a high level, well geared player to get killed even with support. I have seen many names from both my pledge and enemy pledges fall to bosses.

I still don't know if the rest of Noobs-Are-Us posters care that I am using blog still. They haven't said much. Retta is apparently only one that looks at this or cares? I will keep posting until told otherwise, but in the long run I will probably get rid of all TL posts after a while to allow a safe haven for the real lineage posts and memories...even if I keep updating and maybe only keep the two most recent TL posts or something. Or maybe I should just figure out how to make my own blog and link it, but that seems a pain Lol. Enough talking to myself.

I hope friends and enemies alike find this at least somewhat interesting and a break from work or whatever.



  1. Hi Neighbor - Personally, I do not mind the posts from TL. Lineage is Lineage. I do not know when or if we will start a blog for Aion, not sure what we will be posting on yet. Enjoy whatever you do. Keep up the good work.