Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haters Going to Hate

I know that a lot of people are down on private servers, but I have been having a lot of fun playing TL. The custom additions GMMike has made all add a nice element to the game, but are not overpowering to the Lineage gameplay itself (I am still learning the custom features...but luckily my pledge knows a lot). He tries really hard to keep things balanced so that custom locations or items do not over-power existing items or hunting grounds etc. He also updates very frequently to fix bugs/errors and make any necessary corrections. Say what you will, but it is a fun server and a great game. The population isn't too bad here either, but we will always welcome more^^. Haters going to hate.

GMMike gave us a fox event this last week. Find special foxes. Kill. Repeat. Similar events had been on Live servers, but nice part about this one is that the foxes were pretty good experience to hunt. Most of NC events you either chose to participate in the event or you chose to keep leveling.

The foxes dropped lots of different things, but one of the most fun was the new level 75+ polymorphs. I think there were 3 different levels of polymorph. Here is one of the new elf ones...I think it is level 75?

The picture doesn't do the morph justice. It was really fast and pretty cool looking as well. So were all of the new polys.

One of the custom features is that items now level up. I am not sure exactly what makes an item level, but if you are wearing an item and hunting it will slowly gain experience. Once an item reaches a new level it gains a bonus. Most the bonuses are pretty modest. +3HP or MP, +1 elemental resistance, but here is a lucky one that I got for my new Silver Cloak.

When anyone makes an armor or weapon that is +4 over safe enchant there is a global message for everyone to see. Here is a crazy weapon message that popped up the other night when I was hunting. QQ wth? Soooo good haha. I haven't seen many of these messages since I started. There is no 'Ancient Books' in TL so making +10 or higher weapons is a lot more difficult than US Live servers.

All of the bosses have been made a lot stronger in this game. It makes it fun because you actually have to work as a team to end most of them, as opposed to LOA where I could run around on my knight and kill whatever I wanted without letting anyone else know that I was doing boss runs. Here is one of the custom bosses that spawns in wasteland, which is known as Kima, which is now a useful hunting spot compared with small wasteland on live lol.
I have been trying to help the pledge out at bosses now that I have leveled a little. Nothing great yet, but its fun.

NinjaStar and I took down Kurtz with just the two of us. Although he was double boxing so I guess it was three of us. It was really hard though haha. Kurtz has stupid high regen and a hard hit compared to live.

PvP is really fun on this server too. Other than playing this game with my friends PvP is the main reason I came to TL. It is a little different than live and I am still figuring it out. There is no dual-pink system. I am told this is 'old school' lineage style, but I didn't play back then so it just seems new to me haha. It makes people go chao a lot more though, and you actually drop items on the ground if you die so it is worth killing chao people. Full lawful people cant drop items, but they will lose experience and drop adena. I don't know how the adena amount is chosen, but I have gotten around 100k for every kill I have. My pledge makes fun of me because I have trouble getting un-chao. As soon as I start getting lawful I get in a fight again. More fun that way I guess haha. I use a chao set though, so I am weaker when chaotic, but I also don't risk my good things.

NinjaStar stuns. I triple. Basics.

There is a PvP ladder that is automatically updated on the TL website to track all the fun and see who is doing well. I just recently was added to the bottom of the ladder, but I will hopefully climb up towards the top^^.

I probably wont update as much as I did for LOA, but there will still be new content going up...maybe every weekend or something.

Hope everyone is doing well, and leave a comment if you still read the posts so that I know people actually see this lol.


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  1. Cool! But we are ur oldest frineds!!!! LOL!! and we miss you!