Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Management

Damn. I thought I could get away from Lineage for good but the upcoming Halloween event destroyed my will power. Anyways, I guess I'll be playing again. I'm creating a time table as I post this to better manage my time in Lineage and real life stuff.

Damn. Does anybody ever quit Lineage? I should blow all my stuff or give them away - that would really make me quit. HAHA.


  1. ill be the first one getting ur gear ^_^!
    welcome back

  2. Ya damn right...your not going anywhere till i get my 600k ^_^!!

  3. Blowing/selling/giving away your gear does nothing XD. I sold all of my mage gear on ken and I still managed to find my way back for this event on one of my other accounts. I don't think it is possible to quit for good lol