Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hi, I am Neighbor, knight in PurpleHaze bloodpledge on Lands of Aden. I am new to this blog and blogging in general. My first post was a fail, so here is my second attempt at a first post. Compared to the other guys on this blog I am definitely the most noob. Which I think says a lot seeing as the site is called NoobsRUs. I will try to update pretty often, even if it is just short post that says that I have been level grinding or something. On to the post...

I leveled a few days ago using the last of my experience foods. It is a a good thing that we get more from the event starting this Wednesday. I would like to thank Samoa for healing me the last few percent in polluted land. It made it way nicer than hunting alone.

I like to go to IQ cave. Ice Demon and Ice Queen both have terrible drops so far though. Even without drops the hunt can be fun. The experience isn't bad, especially if you just sit in the room on 3f. Normally I just do IQ with a mage and myself, or a small group. Recently we have had a few pledge hunts here. It gives the low levels and returning players in our pledge a chance for some fun and drops which is nice, but lets be honest, it is slower and I am greedy o.o!

I also have been going Lastavard 4f on a somewhat regular basis this last week or two. The only drops we have gotten so far are Pretender King and New King gears, but I think I should have a Soul of Flame screenshot in my next post zzz. I don't have cool screens of me solo'ing Grim Reaper or anything, but I do try to get bosses whenever I get the chance. Here are a few of my more recent drops that keep me from being completely broke in game.
So now it is back to waiting for the event on Wednesday. I will try and post some of the event stuff next weekend. Please feel free to leave comments or critiques as this is my first post and I don't them to be boring or go unread. Also, if you have any tips for photo editing I am more than open to suggestions. I am currently just using the Paint program haha.

Big gulp huh? Well, see you later...

P.S. My post is all messed up, I know. I am still figuring this out and I don't know why the pictures link to other pictures, or why the spacing is off. I will figure it out eventually, and maybe Omen will even give me a hand or something haha. Help?

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  1. I'm not sure what's wrong with the pictures. Maybe try to edit your post and upload the pictures again.