Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm bored....but still here v.v

Hi all, it's Netaria here

Not much going on so far on lineage for me haven't been playing much lately. However, NC has been doing some changes with the game, which most of them are good imo. One of them that I like is lowering the amount of sacred feathers needed for pet kangaroo and panda. Originally we need 1000 feathers to get either one, with the change that's coming we only need 500 for them.

Also, the amount of feathers require for other items in Suspicious Village (where you get kangaroo and panda) also lowered, which is good too....i think :)

These changes are currently on PTS, should be on live next week...or later :) oh...while I was on PTS, killed a dopple boss...which drop tons of loads!! I've never seen that much of drops b4, not even the chat screen can hold all of them...but it's on kind of expect it haha. However, it is still crazy to see it tho, pic below explains it all :)

So ya, I think I will get a pet kangaroo once the changes hit live so I will have something to do b4 Season 3 comes...come on...dragon knight...I will show you my new pet when I get it....until then, cya!!


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